Jesse Vest (Rock God)

This episode is my conversation with Jesse Vest. Jesse is the founding bass player for the 90’s rock band Days Of The New and ALSO the founding bass player for the 2000’s rock band Tantric! This was a fun conversation with an actual rock star. In this episode we talk about what drew him to music, his time with Days Of The New and Tantric, as well as his past and present relationship with one time best friend Travis Meeks. We also talk about his podcast: CrasherCast, and his current band The Louisville Crashers. Also Jesse lets me play one of their songs!


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Twit: @CrasherCast

Insta: @TheCrasherCast

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Days Of The New debut album:

Tantric debut album:

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Steve From Thinking Sideways Podcast

Ok guys and gals! I managed to track down one of the three hosts of the world famous and insanely popular true crime podcast THINKING SIDEWAYS! This is my interview with Steve from Thinking Sideways. In this interview we chat about the many similarities between him and I, as well as what got him into podcasting. We also talk about how the three hosts met and why they decided to do a show together. Of course we talk about why they decided to end the show after 5 years and what the immediate future looks like for Steve.

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Twit: @HowSteveSees

Insta: @HowSteveSeesTheWorld

Twit: @ThinkinSideways

Insta: @ThinkingSidewaysPodcast

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Jennifer Irwin

This episode is my conversation with author Jennifer Irwin. In this episode we talk about why boarding school is a great idea, why fathers should stick around and help raise their kids, what got her into writing, and her new VERY popular book: A DRESS THE COLOR OF THE SKY. There is a give away in this episode so pay attention! #ADressTheColorOfTheSky


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Twitter: @JenIrwinAuthor

Insta: @JenIrwinAuthor

FB:    Jennifer Irwin (Novelist)

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Chef Steven McHugh

In this episode I sit down with acclaimed San Antonio Chef Steven McHugh. In this episode we talk about why he became a chef, how a trip to New Orleans changed the path of his career, his time working for the great John Besh, as well as his battle with cancer, his experience on Beat Bobby Flay, and his wildly popular Cured Restaurant at The Pearl Brewery in SATX.


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Twit: @ChefStevenMcHugh

Insta: @ChefStevenMcHugh

Also: @CuredAtPearl on Twitter and Instagram




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Jennifer Ellis

This episode is my interview with Travelers tv show super fan Jennifer Ellis. I ran across Jennifer on social media due to a video she put up for a ‘What Travelers Means To Me’ project associated with the show’s fan page on Twitter. In this episode we talk about how she found the tv show Travelers, why she likes it so much, and how she used her love of this show as fuel in her journey to one of the most amazing transformations l have ever seen.

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Twit: @Jenniflower8

Insta: @Jenniflower8

Link to Jennifer’s AMAZING video:

Travelers fan page on Twit: @Fan_Travelers


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Gerald Weaver

This episode is my chat with author, former youngest chief of staff in congress, and dealer of antiquities; Gerald Weaver. In this episode we talk about working for congress, getting caught up in some nefarious dealings, going to federal prison, and his two novels: Gospel Prism & The First First Gentleman. We also talk about being a lawyer and lobbyist, as well as what it’s like to be a Sicilian in prison. Enjoy guys, this is a VERY interesting episode!

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Twit: @Gerald_Weaver_

Insta: @Gerald.Weaver


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Gospel Prism:

The First First Gentleman:

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Ali Agirnas

In this episode we take a walk down Fascination Street and get to know actor Ali Agirnas. You have seen Ali in The Brave, Longmire, and Godless; now find out why he came to America, why he fit on so well with Santa Fe, NM culture, and why he got into acting. Reach out to him on Social media and tell him how much you liked his story!

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Insta: @AliAgirnas

FB: Ali Agirnas

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Doug Romer

Have you ever wondered who in the hell makes CUSTOM sneakers? I mean the DOPE AF ones that you only see on super famous rich athletes, and TV stars? Me too; so I found one of the most creative and mind blowing sneaker artists in the game and had a super FASCINATING interview with him. This is that interview. His Name is Doug Romer, but he is most widely known as THE ORIGINAL SHOE CHEF. This guy is amazing. You can check out his shoes on Instagram and social media (scroll down), and you WILL be seeing this guy’s work very, VERY soon! Enjoy…..

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Insta: @TheOriginalShoeChef   (Best contact)

Twit: @TheOGShoeChef



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Scott Churchson

This episode is with New Jersey actor and all around nice guy Scott Churchson @scottchurchson You know Scott from America’s Got Talent (what the hell is a finger contortionist?) as well as acting roles in: The Duece, and Gwendolyn.  We talk about his podcast FILM YAP,  as well as his involvement with A Shared Universe Podcasting Studio, being the voice of The New Jersey Devils, and his more than 700 days acting on set!

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Phil Rossi

Sit in with me as I get to interview one of the earliest podcasters; and one of my podcast inspirations: Phil Rossi. In this episode we talk about getting into podcasting over a decade ago, him getting into music, his writing science fiction based horror novels, his new Patreon project, and he lets me play the absolute COOLEST SONG EVER!!!

(There is a give away in this episode so pay attention)


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