Glynis Miller

Hey guys, In this episode we visit with my friend Glynis Miller. We catch up on family and life, but most importantly Glynis tells us the story of when she met one of her life long idols IN PERSON! Recorded in a restaurant, some back ground music and general noise, but it shouldn’t be too bad. ENJOY!!!

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Stephen Krueger

Hey guys, T.V. and movie writer and podcast host Stephen Krueger was kind enough to invite me into his home shortly before he moved away from the great state of Texas. We had beers, conversation, and lots of fun. He can regularly be heard on NOONER podcast on the Smodcast Podcast network. 

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Leslie “Honey” Smith

Hey guys, This is a little interview with my mother in law as our flight was delayed on a recent trip to NYC to see Hamilton (and the sights). I found this to be a pretty fascinating interview, and I hope you do too. AS it turns out, I am pretty sure this will end up being part 1 of 2 (or more) since we didn’t get to some stuff before our plane arrived….. Enjoy!

Unfortunately Leslie is not on Social Media

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Angie Aparo

You all remember my interview with the drummer and podcaster Steven O’Reilly; of The Bar Star Podcast. Well, through his show, he introduced me to a wonderfully talented musician named Angie Aparo. I was so impressed with Angie’s music and Angie’s story, that I reached out and asked for an interview. This is my interview with Angie Aparo. Angie is a celebrated and very well respected musician who has had hit some songs and has had his songs covered by some of the biggest names in music. In this episode we talk about Angie getting started in the music business, getting signed on the spot by Clive Davis, Angie’s sudden stroke and subsequent rehabilitation; which includes A LOT of help from Siri! Angie also lets me play 2 songs! Enjoy!!

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Michael Worth

This episode is with actor, producer, writer, director, and film maker Michael Worth. Michael has been doing all of those things and more in the business for over 30 years and we kind enough to let me pick his brain for a bit. In this episode we chat about him making fully scripted, special effects laden monster movies when he was just 1o years old. We also talk about some financial advice for show business new comers, and lastly we talk about some of Michael’s past and future projects including Rance Howard’s last film.

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Devin From Thinking Sideways Podcast

I finally got the last remaining host of Thinking Sideways Podcast!

This episode is my interview with Devin From Thinking Sideways. Devin takes a walk with me down Fascination Street and tells me all about why they chose to remain anonymous, how they met, and how they came up with the name of their show. Devin also tells me how she met her new husband, and what her future plans are…. will she do another podcast????? Will she do a COUPLE of new podcasts???


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Chris Laudando

Fans of Tell ‘Em Steve Dave may be familiar with this episode’s guest; Chris Laudando. Chris was kind enough to take a walk down Fascination Street with me as I get to know all about him. In this episode, Chris tells the story of his 911 experience, as he was working directly across the street that day. He also talks about how he got to know Sal Vulcano and Brian Quin, PLUS Chris tells his side of the “Ghost Pussy” story! Enjoy!!!!

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Mike Cameron Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of my interview with Mike Cameron: founder of Devils River Bourbon Whiskey. In this episode we pick back up talking about Mike embarking on this new bourbon project. He also tells us about the magnificent building we were recording in and how it will be a downtown San Antonio speakeasy / tasting room/ distillery/ my favorite place to hang out!


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Mike Cameron Part 1

I got the opportunity to sit down with Mike Cameron. Mike is one of the co-founders of Enchanted Rock Vodka, Rebecca Creek Whiskey, and the new Devil’s River Bourbon. In this episode (part 1) mike and I talk about his early success, which put him in a position to chase his dream of starting his very own distillery business. Mike also gives up a couple of Prohibition Era history lessons! (Make sure to come back for part 2 where we get into the new products and the upcoming San Antonio Devil’s River tasting room and distillery.)

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Christina Elizabeth Smith

This is my interview with actress Christina Elizabeth Smith. You know Christina from her work in: NCIS: New Orleans, Grey’s Anatomy, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing. In this episode we chat about falling in love with dancing at an early age, and how that led her to the stage. We also talk about her crazy work ethic, what it’s like to work with a few icons, and she tells us about some of her past and current projects.

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