Actors From Tecumseh! #3

This past week, I had the opportunity (for the third time) to fly to Chillicothe, Oh. to see the extraordinary outdoor drama TECUMSEH! Each time my wife and I go, the CEO / producer Brandon Smith is kind enough to gather a few of the actors and let me interview them for my show. This year the episode participants are: 

Brandon A. Smith: CEO / Producer

Richard Neal:   Simon Kenton

James Cunha: Red Horse

Lance Mendoza: Chiksika & White Loon

CeVonn Williams:  Spemica-Lawba

As always; I had so much fun chatting with these actors and am super grateful to them and Brandon for their time and their fun spirits!


Follow them on social media:

Brandon on FB: Brandon A. Smith

Richard on Insta: @RichWitchIsWhich

James on Insta: @The_CunhaMatata

Lance on FB: Lance Mendoza. Twit: @LanceDamnet

                   On YouTube: Lance’s Logic

CeVonn Williams on FB: CeVonn Williams

Follow their show everywhere: TecumsehOutdoorDrama