Gary Batton – Chief of The Choctaw Nation


A couple of months ago, I got to speak with a wonderfully charming young lady named Shelley Dennis. During that interview, she mentioned that she is part Choctaw and also happened to mention that she knows the Chief of the Choctaw Nation. So I wish to extend a VERY SINCERE “Thank You” to Shelley, and to Angela Batton as well. BOTH of these ladies helped to make this episode possible. I cannot thank you both enough, honestly.

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know the current, and 47th Chief of the Choctaw Nation: Chief Gary Batton. In this episode we chat about some of the history of the Choctaw Nation, some of the things that the Choctaw Nation does to make sure that it’s members are taken care of, and we also talk about Gary’s meeting the most recent 3 U.S. Presidents. This is a wonderful conversation with a man who is a leader of his people, a man who has gone to great lengths to ensure his people are protected and that their health is being taken care of. It is my great honor to bring to Fascination Street Podcast Choctaw Nation’s Chief Gary Batton.

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