Peter Pardini – Director (Fat: A Documentary)

You guys and gals remember my interviews with Fitness Confidential podcast host and celebrity fitness trainer and #NSNG guru Vinnie Tortorich, You good folks may also remember that we helped fund his health documentary FAT: A DOCUMENTARY. Well this is my interview with that film’s director; Peter Pardini. Peter first made a name for himself by directing several projects with and for the iconic rock band CHICAGO, culminating in the ultimate Chicago documentary. From this amazing experience came a meeting of the minds so to speak. In this episode we chat with Peter about his journey from out of work college grad to the youngest director to have a feature film screened in over 500 theaters. We also talk about some of his other projects including: Black Cat, and the upcoming Rolling Thunder; and lastly we finish the episode talking about his forthcoming documentary FAT: A DOCUMENTARY with Vinnie Tortorich.

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