Tommy Chong – Musician / Author / Comedian / Marijuana Advocate (Cheech & Chong) #300

Tommy Chong
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Tommy Chong.
Tommy takes us on a journey of getting to know him. From the Canadian farm he was born and raised on, to starting the very first strip club in Vancouver, to getting signed by Motown Records and touring the world playing with acts like Diana Ross & The Supremes, to sharing a stage with Jimi Hendrix, and smoking pot with one of The Beatles and someone from Leave It To Beaver! Naturally Tommy tells me the story of how he met Cheech Marin, and the genesis of their very first recorded comedy sketch. All along the way, we chat about various fun things; from the T.actical W.omen’s A.lert T.eam, to Basketball Jones, to prison and bunking with Jordan Belfort. Tommy let’s me play their biggest Motown hit, and explains how he had a hand in getting Jordan Belfort to write the book that the movie The Wolf Of Wallstreet was based on. We also talk about a new ‘At Home Weed Delivery Service’, NFT’s, spirituality, and a whole lot more! Plus, I share some Cheech & Chong stories from my youth.
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