Matt D’Andria Returns! – Podcaster Car Cast / Shift and Steer) / Beverage Startup (Bravago)

Matt “The Motorator” D’Andria RETURNS!
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know even more about Matt “The Motorator” D’Andria. In this episode we catch up on what Matt has been doing since his last appearance over 5 years ago! Matt has two automobile centric podcasts: Shift & Steer (with co-hosts Brad Fanshaw & Aaron Hagar), and Car Cast (with alternating co-host Bill Goldberg & Adam Carolla). We discuss what is going on in the electric vehicle space; including Tesla, Rivian, and the Ford Mustang & F150 Lightning. We talk about what companies are doing EV right, and what they could improve on. Then we chat about his new beverage: BRAVAGO! Bravago is a new “Bold” hard seltzer with more flavor and more alcohol than most on the market. Matt tells us all about the struggles of a beverage startup in the age of covid, and what inspired him to get into the industry. Bravago is available TO SHIP to 38 states!