Vinnie Tortorich #6 – Documentary Filmmaker (Dirty Keto) / Podcaster (Fitness Confidential)

Vinnie Tortorich #6
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know even more about SIX TIME guest; Vinnie Tortorich. Known in some circles as “The Angriest Trainer”; Cinnie is: a podcaster, an author,¬†fitness guru, a celebrity trainer, a multiple business owner, and a documentary filmmaker. In this episode, we chat a little about why he wrote his best-selling book “Fitness Confidential”, we touch a bit on his podcast “Fitness Confidential”, and then get into some of his previous documentaries. Vinnie’s first documentary is called “Fat: A Documentary”; and was the best-selling film in the history of Gravitas Ventures. His follow up to that was “Fat 2” two years later. In 2022 Vinnie released his third documentary titled “Beyond Impossible”; where he did a deep dive into the meat substitute industry. We talk a bit more about this one, as it had some odd effects on his social media accounts. Finally, we get to the goods. Vinnie’s FOURTH documentary, in his words, “Goes right at the Keto community”. This new film “Dirty Keto” expounds on the latest Keto fad, and what the term ‘keto’ actually means. He also does some digging to find out what official governing body authorizes the term “Certified Keto” and allows it to be placed on packaging. I give him a neat suggestion for this newer film, and I think he likes it! At one point he explains the glycemic index to me and why I should care. We also touch on the newest trend of freezing bread and pasta before reheating and eating it, and why this changes the glycemic scale of these foods. Finally, Vinnie shares the details of his most recent health concerns and what his plans are going forward with it. Vinie is rad as hell. He is a great guy, and has the record for the most appearances on Fascination Street Podcast! Check out his newest film “Dirty Keto” available ONLY on Amazon; beginning June 1, 2024.