Sam Lachow – Rapper (Heavy Hearts)

Sam Lachow
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Sam Lachow. Sam is a rapper based in Seattle, who was brought to my attention by previous guest John Sylvain. In this episode, Sam and I chat about how he came to be a rapper / hip hop musician; even though he grew up in Seattle, known for it’s grunge style of music. Then we get into sobriety. Sam is very open and honest, and even vulnerable when it comes to the reasons he got sober. He shares some of his fears about the possibility of losing his creative passion, and talent without the use of drugs and alcohol. He even shares a bizarre story about having to call the treatment center every day at 8am, just to see if there was an available bed yet. Then we jump right into how much I enjoy his music. We get very deep into some specific songs of his, that I love. He lets me play my favorite of his songs, and he clues me into the meaning behind some of the lyrics. The day we recorded this; he released a new single called “I Might”, and he is gracious enough to let me play it in this episode as well. Sam lays out his plans to release a new single every month of this year, culminating in two new albums. This conversation gets pretty deep with regard to drug and alcohol use, as well as why he decided to seek treatment. He openly discusses some of the consequences he was facing during that time, and what he sees for himself going forward; both personally, and professionally. I had a great time speaking with Sam, and look to have him back on at some point.