Brad Fanshaw – Podcaster / Car Guy (Shift and Steer / Man Seeks Adventure Podcasts)

Take a walk with me as I get to know Brad Fanshaw. Brad is TRULY a ‘jack of all trades’ with his fingers in many pies. Brad hosts TWO wildly successful podcasts, owns a high end Swiss Watch company, a high end wheel manufacturing company, was co-owner of Boyd Coddington Hot Rods, was VP of the American Bicycle Association (BMX), was an executive for Vision Streetwear, and an automotive reality tv star. If you think all of that is a lot to cover, you are correct! We cover just about all of that and it was so much fun doing it. Brad is super fun to chat with and one of the most energetic and inspiring guests ever to appear on FSP.
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Shift And Steer AND Man Seeks Adventure
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