Lori Fetrick Returns! – Fitness Trainer / Former American Gladiator (Ice) / Podcaster (Chillin’ With Ice)

Lori Fetrick Returns!
Take a walk with me as I get to know even more about Lori Fetrick! Since this is a return appearance, we don’t really do the ‘how did you get to where you are, from where you were’ thing. Go back and check out her first appearance for that (5/29/23). In this episode, we catch up on everything that has been happening for her since we last spoke. Two documentaries about The American Gladiators came out, she has been on numerous tv shows, and podcasts, and her podcast (Chillin’ With Ice) is nearing the end of it’s second season. She tells me about how the show has changed, and her right along with it. I ask about some of her interview experiences, and what is was like to attend the Adam Carolla Show Christmas party. Plus we talk about her new children’s book (Playground Warriors), which is set to be released midway through 2024. She tells a fun story about why she declined to appear on The Howard Stern Show at the height of The American Gladiators TV show, and we end the show discussing a very sensitive subject. She mentioned it on her show, and I felt like it brought to light some valuable information that could help women who might be in a similar situation. So pay attention!