Richard Chassler – Actor / Comedian (Boy Outta New York)

Richard Chassler
Take a walk down Fascination Street as I get to know actor & comedian Richard Chassler.
In this episode, we chat about how & why Rich got into comedy, and which 1980’s sit-com actor got him started. Rich shares stories about working with Stella Adler, and the impact she had on his life. We also discuss his love of The Grateful Dead and how many concerts he has been to, why he has such love for grilled cheese sandwiches, and wine, wine, wine! OF COURSE we talk about his recent engagement to previous guest of the show Sarah J. Halstead, and why they kept their romance a secret for so long. Lastly, we talk about his new AND FIRST stand-up special called Boy Outta New York, which will be available on VOD and his website either NOW or soon.
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