Emma Faye Rudkin – Two Time Miss San Antonio / Musician

Take a walk down Fascination Street with me as I get to know Emma Faye Rudkin. Emma is  two time Miss San Antonio and 4th runner up for Miss Texas who started an international charity to help the hard of hearing and the deaf communities. She started this organization when she was an eighteen year old college freshman. Emma not only operates and fund raises for her charity AID THE SILENT; she also does the same for the GOOD VIBRATIONS music festival. Besides being named San Antonio’s Woman Of The Year for 2018’s 40 under 40; Emma is also a council member on the committee for People With Disabilities at the Office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Also Emma lets me play one of her beautiful songs!

Did I forget to mention that she is deaf? I didn’t forget, its just not in the top 5 things that make this young lady so remarkable.

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Twit: @EmmaFayeRudkin  / @AidTheSilent #GoodVibrationsMusicFest

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To learn more about Aid The Silent please visit aidthesilent.com

To learn more about Deaf Young Life please visit: aidthesilent.com/DeafYoungLife/

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