Steven Kunes – Screenwriter (Television & Film)

Steven Kunes
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know television and film screenwriter, Steven Kunes. In this episode, we chat about how Steven got into writing for Hollywood through a simple, yet sincere, reaching out to one of television’s most iconic and prolific producer-screenwriters. We also get into some of Steven’s writing credits, including: The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, A.K.A. Pablo, Kate & Allie, The Love Boat, Rain Main, Cast Away, and Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Then we REALLY get into it. Steven tells me about the time he had some issues in his personal life that led to his losing everything and going to prison. Steven describes these events, and this period of his life as somewhat of a cautionary tale, and he even did a TED Talk about it. Finally, we discuss his new show on Amazon Prime (also released as an audio only podcast), called OVER MY DEAD BODY. Steven explains the premise of the show and we talk about some of the episodes that I listened to that made me subscribe. This is a redemption story, folks; a comeback tale of starting over in the later chapters of his life.