Stuart Chaseman – Singer Songwriter / Reality Show Star (Netflix: Jewish Matchmaking)

Stuart Chaseman
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Stuart Chaseman. Stuart is a singer / songwriter in the Chicago area, as well as a cast member from the recent Netflix reality series: Jewish Matchmaking. In this episode, Stuart and I chat about his music. We discuss his previous album: Next Exit Brigadoon, and then dive into what made him want to become a songwriter in the first place. We talk about his newest record: Secrets, lies, & Alibis; and discuss the creative freedom that songwriters enjoy. We take an odd detour to talk about a recent news story where Stuart somehow caught the attention (and ire) of Ben Shapiro; and Stuart shares his thoughts on the matter. Finally, Stuart and I chat about his experience on the Netflix reality series: Jewish Matchmaking. I have tons of questions about his time on the show, and he is open and honest with all of his answers; including why he decided to be on the show, what he hoped to get out of it, and how he thinks he came off. Stuart does let me play a song off the new record, and I highly encourage everyone to check out the full album.