Darren Husted – Podcaster (Prince Track By Track)

Take a walk down Fascination Street with me as I get to know Darren Husted. Darren and I “met” as mutual fans of The Nooner Podcast and this was my excuse to get to speak with him. Darren has hosted several finite podcasts dedicated to specific pop culture projects. Podcasts focusing on everything from the cult film The Talking Cat, the reality TV show The Royals, the hit 90’s film Clueless, Arrested Development, How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days, and coming soon The Social Network film. For the past 2+ years, Darren has been hosting a daily podcast called Prince Track By Track where he does a deep dive into EACH and EVERY track on every album Prince released during his lifetime. Darren is also a frequent contributor, and occasional call in guest of The Nooner Podcast.

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