Riya Sokol – Singer (Awaken As Love) / Inspirational Public Speaker

Riya Sokol
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street, as I get to know Riya Sokol. Riya speaks to me from Poland for this inspirational episode. In this episode, we chat about her growing up in Warsaw, and becoming a touring sensation as a 6-year-old child. We also discuss how & where she spent her Covid pandemic time, and the poem she wrote and released that made her a viral sensation. She shares very personal stories of her depression, as well as successfully navigating divorce while staying friends with her ex. Riya explains how she became obsessed with vibrations, the subconscious, and reprogramming your mind to be more receptive to: courage, love, freedom, and abundance. I ask Riya to explain mantras & the Tantra lifestyle, and what exactly are The Riya Sokol Codes; which are cheat codes for life hacking. Finally, Riya explains the meaning behind her hit song Ho’oponopono, and she lets me play another of her hit songs called Awaken As Love, before helping us understand why we should embrace even the mundane things in our lives.