Landon Bryant – Pop Culturalist / Social Media Sensation (Landon Talks / Landon Talks A Lot)

Landon Bryant
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Landon Bryant. Better known on Instagram & Tik Tok as LANDON TALKS, and You Tube as LANDONTALKSALOT; Landon gained worldwide fame and attention as the ever cheery and inspiring face (and voice) of modern Southern culture. In this episode, Landon sits down with me to chat about his growing up in Laurel, Mississippi before becoming an elementary art teacher. Having fallen in love with teaching ALL subject with an artistic bent, everything changed when the 2019 Covid pandemic took hold. Landon’s wife inspired him to share his extremely Southern stories, vocabulary, and charm with his 2k or so Instagram followers. Not lang after discussing ‘Wal Mart High School’, Landon Talks started to gain some momentum. As of now, his eye popping 420 THOUSAND followers on Instagram and over 100 THOUSAND followers on Tik Tok hang on Landon’s every word. Excited to get the next dose of Southern hospitality, and verve! Landon explains how fast all of this happened, and some of the big named celebrities that have reached out to comment, or just say ‘hi’. The likes of Jennifer Garner, and Miranda Lambert have praised his videos; and he even tells me the celebrity that followed him and sent Landon into a literal panic attack! What would he do if Oprah or Dolly reached out as a result of his show? We discuss it! Finally, LANDON TALKS a bit about his upcoming book, a potential TV thing, and some of his epic branding partnerships! Follow him everywhere and tell him you heard him on Fascination Street!