Courtney Warner Shrem – Crypto Advocate / Actress (Ask Me To Dance)

Courtney Warner Shrem
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Courtney Warner Shrem. Courtney is an advocate for crypto currencies and an actress in the new film Ask Me To Dance. In this episode, we chat about her previous career as a hip hop dancer, and why she made the move to acting. We discuss her new film Ask Me To Dance, which stars previous guests Gabriel Jarret, Jesse Kove, and Tom Malloy. She tells us how much fun it was to be on set, and how this experience made her and her husband (Charlie Shrem) want to get into the world of producing. Of course we discuss crypto currency, Bitcoin, and some of the infinite possibilities associated with this new wave of block chain technology. Look for Ask Me To Dance everywhere you watch movies!
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