Jeff Leach – Comedian / Voice Over / DJ / Podcaster / Entertainer

Jeff Leach
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Jeff Leach. Jeff is a comedian, voice over actor, DJ, presenter, podcaster, and entertainer. In this episode, we chat about how he came to be all of those things. He shares stories from his DJ-ing days and we talk a bit about his voice over career; including his stint as GHOST on Call of Duty. We also get into his British & Romanian parents and influences, before we jump into his microdosing experiences. Jeff is very candid about his mental health struggles, including an attempt to take his own life several years ago. I ask him about his podcast: “Comic Cougar Convo” with co-host Cherie DeVille, and some of the work he does with Warrior Transition Outdoors, and other veterans organizations. I tell him the starfish parable, and we discuss the pertinence of that story in today’s culture. Finally, we talk about his You Tube comedy special called “Jeff Leach Presents A Comedy Spectacular. (Free on YT). Jeff also tells me a bit about his new channel on You Tube called “An Evolution of Man”, and what he hopes to accomplish with it.
I say it at the top of the show, but special thanks to Lori Fetrick (Ice from American Gladiators) for helping make this episode possible. Go check out Jeff’s podcast, You Tube channel, voice over projects, and his comedy spectacular.