Teresa Strasser – Television Writer / Author (Making It Home)

Teresa Strasser
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Teresa Strasser. Teresa first came into my heart as co-host / sidekick on The Adam Carolla Show on the radio, then in podcast form. I have wanted to get Teresa on the show for quite some time. Special thanks to Vinnie Tortorich for helping make this happen. In this episode, Teresa and I chat about how she came to work on the radio in Hollywood, in sort of a unique way. Then we discuss her podcast with Gina Grad, called Easy Listening. She explains what the show started out as, and why the show recently ended. Next we get into her book. The book is called Making It Home: Life Lessons From a Season of Little League. Teresa explains why she felt like she needed to write this book, and who it is for. The backstory of the book, is that Teresa and her father are repairing their relationship and coping with grief, while attending every game in a season of her son’s little league baseball games. Teresa lost her brother and her mother 4 months apart. This is the story of coping, grieving, and healing….. through the ups & downs of her little boy’s athletic efforts… all while repairing her relationship with her father. This is an extraordinary story, written by a remarkable author. I enjoyed this book very much. Touching, funny, sentimental, while on the edge of your seat with the winning and losing of the season. We do touch a bit on what it is like to grow up separated from your sibling, and Teresa tells a story of sweet, sweet vindication from her wicked, wicked stepmom. GET THIS BOOK!