Rudy Pavich – Comedian / Podcaster / Video & Graphics Producer

Rudy Pavich
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Rudy Pavich. Born and raised in Hibbing, Minnesota, Rudy SHOULD have been a roofer; as his family owns a roofing company. Rudy decided to go another route. Spending 23 years in the radio business, he had a life changing event in his immediate family; then took a break. That break afforded Rudy the opportunity to focus his passion in another direction……. stand up comedy. In this episode, we chat about how and why he decided to become a comic, we discuss his time in radio a bit, and then we discuss some of the big breaks that have come his way. Rudy is also a film maker with a couple of short films under his belt; one of them having won the prestigious ‘Louis Anderson Award’ at the Minnesota Film Festival. This was the final film selected by Louis before his passing. Of course I take this chance to pitch my short film idea to Rudy, which he graciously plays along with. Rudy gives most of the credit for his growing fan base and various opportunities to fellow comedian Adam Ray, for inspiring and lending a helping hand. I ask Rudy to tell me more about his video editing & graphic production with Adam Ray, Adam Carolla, Meghan Trainor, and others. Some big opportunities have come his way, and Rudy was ready and eager to meet those head on. We touch a bit on his podcast ‘A Long Walk to Cleveland’; which is currently on hiatus.
Rudy is currently touring his stand up with various other well known comedians, so be sure to check for tour dates near you, and tell him you heard him on Fascination Street Podcast!
Special thanks to Lori Fetrick (Ice, from American Gladiators) for helping make this happen.