Phillip Greenwald – Start Up Guru and Co-Founder (HiWave)

Phillip Greenwald
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Phillip Greenwald.
Phillip is a Start Up guru and the co-founder of HiWave. In this episode, we chat about Phillip’s getting into the start-up world, teaching classes at Harvard, eventually becoming the Associate Director of Technology and Lead Technology Advisor there. We talk about several novice Start-up mistakes, and finally we discuss Phillip’s newest venture; HiWave.
HiWave is a sticker with NFC technology that allows you to put your contact information, social media info, website, and even Venmo info onto the HiWave sticker so that when you meet people, they can just tap their smartphone to your sticker and BOOM, they have all of your contact info!
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