Nicole Boggs and Alex Kramer – Musicians (Nicole Boggs and The Reel)

Nicole Boggs and Alex Kramer
Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Nicole Boggs and Alex Kramer from the band Nicole Boggs and The Reel. In this episode, we chat about what got each of them interested in music and how they came to form a band together in Nashville. We talk about how they got their name, who their third band member is, and each of their experiences on different P Diddy produced reality television shows. Nicole and Alex explain how they write their songs, and what genre they think they belong to and why. Finally, we talk about their new album: Dystopian Book Club (OUT NOW) and they let me play a track from it! If you are in the area, they are having a record release party on August 31st in Nashville at The Analog. See their website for details.

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Alex Kramer
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