Christie Bishop – Ad Exec / Podcaster (Commercial Grade)

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Christie Bishop. Fans of the Adam Carolla Show know Christie as Bald Bryan’s wife; but in this episode we get to know more about HER. Christie has been in the advertising business for nearly 2 decades, and has worked on some pretty big campaigns; including a Super Bowl spot! In this episode, we talk about those things as well as her fantastic new (ish) podcast: Commercial Grade, where she talks with industry insiders and answers those nagging questions like: ‘how much do insurance companies spend on advertising’, ‘who does the voice for that commercial I just saw’, and of course, ‘why in the hell would they do that in an ad?’ Christie also shares the story of Bryan’s diagnosis from HER perspective. Some really great insight, and some never before told stories…. so ENJOY!

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