Emma Faye Rudkin

Take a walk down Fascination Street with me as I get to know Emma Faye Rudkin. Emma is  two time Miss San Antonio and 4th tunner up for Miss Texas who started an international charity to help the hard of hearing and the deaf communities. She started this organization when she was an eighteen year old college freshman. Emma not only operates and fund raises for her charity AID THE SILENT; she also does the same for the GOOD VIBRATIONS music festival. Besides being named San Antonio’s Woman Of The Year for 2018’s 40 under 40; Emma is also a council member on the committee for People With Disabilities at the Office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Also Emma lets me play one of her beautiful songs!

Did I forget to mention that she is deaf? I didn’t forget, its just not in the top 5 things that make this young lady so remarkable.

Follow Emma on social media:

Twit: @EmmaFayeRudkin  / @AidTheSilent #GoodVibrationsMusicFest

Insta: @EmmaFayeRudkin / @AidTheSilent

FB: Emma Faye Rudkin / Aid The Silent

YouTube link to Love Hears: In The Silence Video:

To learn more about Aid The Silent please visit aidthesilent.com

To learn more about Deaf Young Life please visit: aidthesilent.com/DeafYoungLife/

To learn more about Good Vibrations Music Festival please visit: goodvibrationsmusicfest.com

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Sean McAnuff

Take a walk down Fascination Street with me as I get to know Canadian born speed skater for Team Ireland; Sean McAnuff. In this episode Sean and I chat about him growing up in Canada and playing hockey, and lacrosse before moving onto speed skating. We also talk about why lacrosse players get the most ladies, and why he chose to skate for Ireland rather than Canada. Plus we talk about how Sean holds the Irish national record for speed skating in two events!

Follow Sean on social media:

Twit: @SeanMCaNUFF

Insta: @Elite_Performance_Training  /  @Sean_Ton_Soup

FB: Sean McAnuff

Website: EPTWorkout.com

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sarah penrod episode

Take a walk down Fascination Street as I get to know Texas Chef Sarah Penrod. Sarah first came to my attention as a contestant on season 10 of Food Network Star. Not long after I saw her, I reached out via social media and we have been chatting like school girls ever since! In this episode we talk about her career: which includes graduating from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, being a personal chef for some pretty elite athletes, some hosting and other appearances, and her very popular You Tube show The Urban Cowgirl.

Follow Sarah on social media:

Twit: @ChefForLife

Insta: @UrbanCowgirl

FB: Sarah Penrod

Visit her blog: UrbanCowgirlLife.com

Check out her You Tube Channel: The Urban Cowgirl

Grab her cookbook on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2Ww6s4v


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Ryan McAnuff

Take a walk with me down Fascination Street as I get to know Irish Speed Skater Ryan McAnuff. In this episode we talk about Ryan being a dual citizen; born in Canada and skating for Team Ireland. We also talk about which national speed skating record he holds for Ireland, what his plans are for his future, as well as how he plans to keep involved with Team Ireland moving forward. Many years ago, Ryan was a DJ of sorts and used to put ‘mash-ups’ on YouTube; he lets me play his most popular one which has nearly a million downloads. Enjoy!

Follow Ryan on social media:

Twit: @TheDJRaz

Insta: @HolyMcAnuff    &   @Elite_Performance_Training

YouTube:  Elite Performance Training

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Kevin Hale

Take a walk with me as I get to know the host of Shooting From The Lip podcast; Louisville, Kentucky’s very own, Kevin Hale. In this episode we talk about growing up in Louisville, Kevin’s first foray into podcasting (Shooting From The Lip is NOT his first podcast). We talk about his paranormal podcast, how & why he started Shooting From The Lip podcast, why he added a video element to it after 3 years, and we brainstorm ideas to make both of our podcasts more successful.

Follow Kevin on social media:

Twit: @SFTLexperience @KevinHale423

Insta: @ShootingFromTheLip @KevinHale423

FB: @ShootingFromTheLip    @Kevin Hale

The Shooting From The Lip Experience YouTube Channel


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Peter Curtis Pardini

You guys and gals remember my interviews with Fitness Confidential podcast host and celebrity fitness trainer and #NSNG guru Vinnie Tortorich, You good folks may also remember that we helped fund his health documentary FAT: A DOCUMENTARY. Well this is my interview with that film’s director; Peter Pardini. Peter first made a name for himself by directing several projects with and for the iconic rock band CHICAGO, culminating in the ultimate Chicago documentary. From this amazing experience came a meeting of the minds so to speak. In this episode we chat with Peter about his journey from out of work college grad to the youngest director to have a feature film screened in over 500 theaters. We also talk about some of his other projects including: Black Cat, and the upcoming Rolling Thunder; and lastly we finish the episode talking about his forthcoming documentary FAT: A DOCUMENTARY with Vinnie Tortorich.

Follow Peter on Social media:

Twit: @Peter_Pardini

Insta: @PeterPardini

Website: PeterPardini.com

Check out Peter’s Film Black Cat on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/movie/black-cat/id1394383792

Trailer for Rolling Thunder: https://vimeo.com/275360536

Trailer for Fat: A Documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-onXpXUovc

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Kirk Bovill

This episode is with actor, musician and arguably the most supportive husband on the planet; Kirk Bovill. We first heard about Kirk from his lovely wife Joni Bovill, (actress, singer, and daughter of a sharecropper). In this episode we chat with Kirk about how he got his very unusual start in show business. We talk about Kirk’s time at the world famous Comedy Store, as well as some of his most successful projects to date including the new Cheney / Bush film VICE (Kirk plays Henry Kissinger). We also talk about all things “Team Bovill”.

Plus Kirk lets me play a song written and performed by both Kirk and Joni Bovill called: There Is Joy.

Follow Kirk on social media:

Twit: @KirkBovill

Insta: @WahooSlim

FB: Kirk Bovill

Website: KirkBovill.com

Get Kirk’s album here: https://amzn.to/2W5kF8h

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Tommy G. Kendrick

Welcome back folks! This episode is with veteran actor of stage, screen, and film; Tommy G. Kendrick. Tommy has been a working actor for sixty years and is showing no signs of quitting any time soon! This ‘Texas Proud’ actor chats with me about getting started in ‘the biz’ and we also discuss how the Texas Legislature dropped the ball with regard to the film incentive program (you’re welcome Georgia and Louisiana). Tommy also tells us a few stories from some of his past and current projects, including a story or two of working with FSP super guest and fan favorite: Rance Howard. Plus Tommy and I talk about the possibility of him resurrecting his podcast ACTORS TALK. Enjoy!!

Follow Tommy on Social Media:

Twit: @TommyGKendrick

Insta: @TommyGKendrick

FB: Tommy G Kendrick

Feel free to email Tommy with acting / industry questions: TxActor@gmail.com

Visit Tommy’s website: TommyGKendrick.com

Tommy’s latest short: SOMEWHERE BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL      https://amzn.to/2T1gJ6y

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Adam Carolla


An event such as this could only be celebrated with THE KING OF PODCASTING; Adam Carolla. You know Adam from Loveline, The Man Show, Crank Yankers, syndicated morning radio, and for the last 10 years, the most successful podcaster on the planet. In this episode Adam and I chat about why he got into podcasting, he shares his philosophy on making money, and we talk a little about his massive Paul Newman racecar collection. We also talk a little bit about my personal favorite episode of The Adam Carolla Show, and some of the events that led up to it.

Follow Adam on social media:

Twit: @AdamCarolla


Follow The Adam Carolla Show:

Twit: @TheAdamCarollaShow

Insta: @AdamCarolla


Check out The Adam Carolla Show: AdamCarolla.com

Adam’s podcasts on the Carolla Digital Network:

The Adam Carolla Show

The Adam And Drew Show (with Dr. Drew Pinsky)

Reasonable Doubt (with Mark Geragos)

Car Cast (with Matt D’Andria)

Ace Of The House (with Eric Stromer)




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Billy Smith Part 1

In this episode I interview my father in law as we travel to a Pacific War Museum. We chat in the car both ways and a little at the museum. This guy is full of stories that include being shot at, being shot, the CIA, the FBI, and even a monkey. There is some road noise, but its worth it. Enjoy!


Unfortunately Billy is not on social media.

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